Sensei Jon Tilley has been training in Martial arts for sixteen years now and has had experience in Shuko Kai Karate, Freestyle Karate, Shotokan, Thai boxing & Kick boxing. Recently he has been trying to increase his skills base in judo and grappling techniques.
The association has recently joined the BNMAA ( The British Martial Arts Association) which offers a huge range of external courses including first aid right through to stick fighting. The classes and courses Jon runs are based in Karate however have influences from all around the martial arts world.

Sensei Jon Tilley began training in 1986 within Shuko Kai karate under Sensei Keith Lomas and the UKASKO head coach Sensei Roy Stanhope. With his training at that club he had the privelidge to have courses with the likes of Sensei Vic Charles ( World Champion Traditional WUKO Rules) and Sensei Alfie Lewis ( World Champion Freestyle). Since Jon has set up his club and association he maintains his effort to remain at the cutting edge of Martial Arts, organising courses with the likes of Sensei Joe Tierney and through our association with International Budo Council, Ian The Machine Freeman, UFC Champion and through BNMAA the incredible
Silvio Simac ( World Champion Tae Kwon Do). Equally at the age of 38 Jon still tries to improve as a fighter entering competitions such as the West Coast Classic on July 7th 2002, in which he entered the Under 80kg Semi Contact and over 75kg Veterans, managing to reach the final of the Veterans, ( pictures on competition page )
The push for knowledge continues, as Jon took his next grading in Judo on July 6th, a busy weekend. Why not join Shuko Freestyle Karate as a beginner or, if you have put the effort in with in other styles, as an associate Blackbelt.

( Figure right - Sensei Vic Charles performing an Axe Kick )