Dave Green 4th Dan Eskrima

Vic Charles World champion Karate

JJ Burnell 5th Dan Shidokan

Ian 'The Machine' Freeman
HISTORY Shuko Freestyle Karate, evolved as Sensei Jon Tilley the founder of the style, tried to find a balance within karate. Unlike many new styles it was not created for financial gain, but simply to find a middle road through modern karate and martial arts in general. Jon had trained at several clubs, starting with Sensei Keith Lomas and Shuko Kai Karate, part of the UKASKO association in 1986. Shuko Kai means way for all and Jon wished to maintain this philosophy of inclusivity. When Sensei Lomas joined up with, many times All styles Karate Champion, Sensei Alfie Lewis creating the FSKA ( Freestyle Sport Karate Association), Jon was pleased to experience the vibrant and exciting new Freestyle Karate association. Jon went on to earn his Blackbelt in 1993 with Sensei Lewis officiating. Jon has also trained within other styles including Shotokan Karate, Judo, Thai Boxing and Kickboxing as well as completing a sports instructors course under the guidance of the well regarded YMCA. Jon gradually came to the decision that none of the styles he trained in got the balance quite right, either they were too brutal or too soft, too Traditional or too flashy and modern, too unprofessional or too centred on money. So Shuko Freestyle Karate was born. Sensei Jon Tilley has combined professional sports practices with modern freestyle karate and the essence of traditional karate, self defence is a central to the style and we hope the friendly and supportive atmosphere is conducive to inner spiritual growth. Combining training in Self defence, sparring, padwork and technical practice along with related skills such as grappling and takedowns.

Jamie Goulding x4 British Champion

Joe Tierney (6th Dan ) Course

Silvio Simac course (World champion Tae Kwon Do)
Jon has constantly tried to improve his own skills base and has either taken part in or organized courses with the likes of Sensei Alfie Lewis (World All Styles Karate Champion), Sensei Vic Charles ( World WUKO traditional rules Karate Champion ) Sensei Joe Tierney ( Karate Champion spanning 1980's and 1990's ) , Ian the machine Freeman ( Ultimate Fighting Challenge champion and K1 veteran ), Silvio Simac ( World Super heavy weight Tae Kwon Do Champion ) and Geoff Thompson ( Self defence expert ). The story does not end there, our road of discovery continues and inspiration often comes with new members. Two examples are Sensei Steve Fenwick (instructor at Macclesfield Shidokan Karate club) who has opened our eyes to Knockdown Karate and Hadyn Roberts (assistant instructor at Macclesfield Judo club) as members of our club they have brought many interesting ideas and techniques. If you are a Blackbelt or novice why not join us.