Martial Arts Fighting Cancer 2002 / 2003 'THE DOUBLE WHAMMY'
Sunday 8th December 2002

Event report below photos.


Sunday 2nd Febuary
To see the photos from 2nd seminar click group photo below.

The Macclesfield Express and Macclesfield Times have both covered our event. Thanks to the sports editor for that.

Shown above are the guest instructors and myself from left to right - Chris Sharpe, Steve Hibbert (Muay Thai), Jon Tilley (charity Coordinator), Steve Wilkinson (Muay Thai), Jamie Goulding (WUMO World champion, Freestyle Karate) and Dave Green ( Eskrima )

Dave Green demonstrates the use of Eskrima sticks above and below

Chris sharpe discusses ground work above

Dave Green is seen here with one of our friends Dave Roberts, who has sadly died of cancer since the seminar, a tragic reminder to us all that this disease can affect anyone.

To see picture of Martial Arts fighting cancer 2001 click GOOD CAUSE.
Many thanks to all the fighters and Instructors who supported the event.
What a fantastic day, I was really worried that numbers were going to be poor, as we were competing with the last FSK Tournament of the year in Urmston, a Master Sken / Muay thai seminar, a large Aikido seminar in the area, a IABC seminar in Warrington and several of Cobra Martial arts clubs had gradings on, so I was delighted to have £600 in the fund raising coffers at the end of the day and with the £500 sponsorship from AstraZeneca we are already above the £1000 pound mark. The four instructors were fantastic of course, they would not have been invited to such a high profile event if we were not absolutely sure they were instructors of exceptional quality. I think my personal favorite on the day was Dave Green as I am from a Freestyle bacakground and I have a little experience in Muay Thai and grappling, so the use of Eskrima sticks was completely new to me and Dave's skill was fantastic, swinging the Eskrima sticks with enormous speed and power, but controlling them to within an inch of the target - fantastic.
Sensei Jamie Goulding (Freestyle karate) was as sharp, skillful and powerful as ever, even though he is suffering from a damaged ******* after getting kicked in the groin at the WUMO World Championship, which he actually won in Denmark recently. I was impressed that Jamie was the Instructor to do the most comprehensive warm up, an indication of his pragmatic and professional teaching style.
Instructor Steve Wilkinson from Muay Thai was extremely well behaved, I didn't see one fighter on the day wince from one of his notriously painful low kicks or knees. Steve is fighting for the Muay Thai World title early next year. Steve's quality really shone through, despite suffering from a two week stomach bug.
Finally Sensei Chris Sharpe from Crewe Judo club who is highly experienced at submission fighting as well as Judo and has been a member of The International sport Ju Jitsu squad which reached the world team final, taught us the fundamental ground moves of submission fighting. His teaching style is calm and pleasant, which I suppose is not a surprise as he is a school teacher by profession - I wonder if he gets much trouble with the kids, I guess not!
During lunch we had a fighting demonstration. Alastair Hall and Hannah from Protea kickboxing Association demonstrated continuous semi contact fighting, Dave Green and one of his students demonstrated stick fighting (link to Eskrima photo page), they tried to control the shots, but there were still some heavy blows landing, Jon Tilley from Shuko Freestyle Karate and Steve Fenwick from Shidokan Karate demonstrated full contcet knockdown karate and Steve Wilkinson and Steve Hibbert demonstrated Muay Thai. They apologised afterwards for grappling too much, but of course that is the nature of the style, so there is no point looking flashy just for appearances.
Many thanks to all the Instructors and I hope if they are free on Febuary 2nd and they will be able to support the second event as our guests.