Sensei Jamie Goulding Interview
Jamie Goulding recently won the WUMO World Championship and was also one of the top class instructors who took part in 'Martial arts fighting cancer'. He has kindly done a small interview for our web site, thank you to him for that and good luck in the future, both in Martial arts and life.

Jon. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us, an even bigger thank you for taking part in 'Martial arts fighting cancer 2002/03'. Congratulations on winning the WUMO world championships, how did it feel when you knew you had won and on receiving your trophy?
Jamie. It was the same feeling as when I passed my driving test, a lot more doors have opened for me.
Jon. How has your great friend, mentor and instructor Sensei Joe Tierney reacted to your victory?
Jamie. I am sure he was happier than me.

Jon. I don't suppose you go round the Martec headquarters showing off too much though. As many a father has said in the past 'You're not to big for a slap yet, sonny'
Jamie I would never dream of doing it, ha ha.
Jon. I believe you received an injury early in the tournament to a very sensitive area of your groin has that recovered now?
Jamie. Yes, I'm okay and I can still have kids.
Jon. Do you think that gave you something to think about and stopped any tension building up as you reached the later rounds?
Jamie. Yes it probably did.
Jon. Do you generally get nervous at the bigger tournaments, if you do, do you have any relaxation techniques you use. Apart from getting Joe to kick you in the goolies that is?
Jamie. I don't get nervous as in having butterflies in my belly, but I get sort of sleepy until I get smashed in the face - then I wake up.
Jon. Do you ever have a problem building up enthusiasm for the more regular tournaments?
Jamie.Yes because I have done this since I was five, so its just "The same old, same old"
Jon. Which is your next major tournament and when is it?
Jamie. British WKA Cnhampionships in Febuary.
Jon. I have seen you beaten recently by one of Sensei Alfie Lewis's fighters, what was his name I forget it at the moment?
Jamie. 'Me too', only kidding, he is called Robbie Hughes.
Jon. He is a fantastic fighter, don't you think?
Jamie. Yes, he has been Junior and Senior world champion.
Jon. He is a bit smaller than yourself and although you tend to dominate the fights on a physical basis, he often still seems to picks up the trophy. Does this get frustrating for you and do you have any new tactics for the next time you meet?
Jamie. He is taller, but lighter, we have fought three times and as it stands it is 2-1 to Robbie. I do not see it as a problem when he won. 'He has not beaten me, I have lost', I look at it this way, and I honestly believe that if I did not have to work six days a week, no one on the planet could get near me, but I have to keep my priorities in order.
Jon. What are your hopes within martial arts and in life generally for the next couple of years and on into the future?
Jamie. To carry on learning.
Jon. Not many fighters cross over styles and fight on the WUKO or the 'Full Contact' circuit or any alternative fighting system. It would be great to see a great fighter do that and win World championships in two areas of Karate and speaking as somebody from a Freestyle background it may shut a few peoples mouths. I am positive the likes of the great Alfie Lewis could have done it, but as far as I know, he never had the inclination, would you ever consider it like Joe did in the past. I believe Joe won a European Gold or Silver medal on the WUKO circuit as well as many freestyle tournaments, one of the fights from the past that sticks in my mind was Joe fighting a Kung Fu fighter from York martial arts supplies, a great clash of styles, but too many years ago now?
Jamie. Joe won numerous titles, both in WUKO and Freestyle and as most of the 'old school' karate competitors will tell you, he was the best light weight fighter to come out of this country. As for Sensei Lewis he also won a lot of WUKO Tournaments, but preferred Freestyle. As for me I have been brought up in the Freestyle system.
Jon. How do you think Martial arts and Karate in particular will develop over the next twenty years?
Jamie. I can not be sure, there are too many cowboys out there spoiling it for the real instructors. As for competition there are too many money grabbers, not putting anything back. Hopefully they will be Extinct in 20 years.
Jon. Finally, thank you ever so much for talking to us and all the best in the future, both in Martial arts and more importantly in life generally. Please send our regards to Sensei Joe Tierney.
Comment by Jon Tilley: A slightly depressing end to our interview with Jamie, but I honestly believe that martial arts is a fantastic past time and sport. From the more relaxation based arts like Tai Chi, through Kung Fu and Traditional Karate and on to sport karate and the other sport based martial arts like Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing, and through into the full contact sports like Muay Thai, not forgetting the weapon arts like Kendo and Eskrima. There must be millions of people within Britain alone that practice some sort of Martial art at sometime in their life and most of them at the local church hall, where the most a martial arts instructor could hope to make was enough a curry on a Friday night, not much for the effort of running a club. That will not change, equally I can not see the charlatans and cowboys disappearing, but if the Martial arts community is willing to indicate bad practice and potentially poor clubs we can hopefully keep the cowboys in their place, which is essentially as short term clubs with little to offer apart from the latest fashion stemming from the movies or media.
I was lucky to meet Sensei Joe Tierney and Sensei Jamie Goulding, I have met many great fighters and quite honestly they have not impressed me, it is never the fact that somebody is a good fighter, it is the fact that somebody is a good character which impresses me, and as far as my limited experience of Joe and Jamie, they are good people. From running small inter club tournaments to taking part in Martial arts fighting cancer, this is what Karate should be about. No body is perfect, but we can all monitor our behaviour to a degree, trying not to be too money orientated particularly with students, not bullying kids or adults, not bull shitting excessively.
To all the young people who may read this, always remember 'all that glitters is not gold'. Being offered a Blackbelt in eighteen months or claims of physical invincibility within six months or six years even, are to be honest bull shit. Training with a world champion does not make you a world champion and equally many world champions come from clubs where the instructor never even fought competitively so beware of false claims.
Good fighters are not necessarily good instructors, look for a club that suits you and always remember that if somebody does bull shit you, that makes them a bullshitter, don't become one yourself. Martial arts is an individual sport and your progress is at the end of the day down to you. Sensei Joe Tierney and Sensei Jamie Goulding are good role models not just to fighters, but to me as an instructor as well, so thanks again to them for their support. If any instructors are interested in joining our very informal group of aquaintances that have taken part in 'Martial arts fighting cancer' and other events, please contact me and we can always share information about seminars etc. Good luck. CONTACT